Exclusive Legacy Gifting Program

Malcolm Douglas & Associates, Inc. is pleased to make available to our clients philanthropic opportunities as one of the centerpieces of our insurance offerings. These additional services have been uniquely designed to not only provide financial security for families during times of distress, but are also structured to allow plan participants the opportunity to exercise their values of generously giving to those institutions or organizations they consider worthy of leaving a charitable contribution.

Example beneficiaries of our legacy program are organization scholarship funds, participant’s undergraduate institutions or favorite charities.


  • Can provide up to $5,000 Automatic Non-Medical Coverage for All Currently Financial Members Free of Charge!*
  • Simplified Issue (only 4 questions) for Initial Enrollees Only and new members to the organization who join after the initial enrollment period ends.**
  • Benefits usually paid within 6 – 8 weeks after submission of claim forms.
  • All proceeds payable on tax-free basis.
  • Affordable Premiums.
  • Establishes a group life insurance policy for members and a life insurance benefit to the member’s family and loved ones.**
  • Provides relief by eliminating the burden of paying funeral expenses of deceased members.
  • Helps solidify the membership and improve member retention.
  • Information collected kept on a secure network and database management system in accordance with all HIPPA, privacy and state insurance laws.

Leave a Legacy of Benevolence… and Contentment

* with completed census
**Minimum of 25% membership participation required.
***All insurance programs offered through Malcolm Douglas and Associates, Inc.